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  • Q: Do natural creams really work?

    The most enduring myth surrounding natural skin care products is the widespread misconception that although they may be milder for the skin, they are actually not as effective as the synthetic products that are available, e.g., from pharmacies. The truth is that natural cosmetics have a long-term, in-depth effect on the skin even though they rarely produce immediate, spectacular results that are visible after the first use. Cosmetic products that are based on synthetic ingredients are never as effective, and can even prove harmful to human skin if used over a longer period.More >>

    The plant-derived active ingredients that are used in natural skin care products have diverse properties. They can effectively promote regeneration of the skin and moisturize, stimulate renewal, heal, nourish, relax or tighten the skin. The human body selectively uses the ingredients it most needs to restore health, balance and give the skin an attractive appearance. There are a wealth of plants and minerals in the natural environment and, therefore, we can select the most suitable ingredients that most effectively meet the various needs of different skin types.

    Skin care products that are formulated with plant-derived, active ingredients are highly effective on account of the similar nature of the biochemical processes that occur in plant cells and the cells of the human body. As in humans, the metabolic processes in plants consist of interactions amongst enzymes, minerals and vitamins. As in humans, the release of free radicals can also be observed in plants. To counteract this process, plants make use of flavonoids, vitamins and other antioxidants. When these substances are introduced to the human body they will act as they do in plants. For instance, antioxidants will condition skin cells, boosting their energy and vitality. Active ingredients derived from living organisms (plants) are better tolerated and absorbed by the human body than “foreign” synthetic substances.

    Moreover, plants are cocktails of active ingredients that are perfectly blended with one another in optimal proportions. Unlike synthetic ingredients, they are not separate compounds. Consequently, they are recognized by skin cells as a single balanced energy source consisting of components that complement one another. These components act synergistically and  can significantly increase the life span of cells. For instance, a body sculpting cream enriched with coffee extract is more effective than a cream formulated with synthetic caffeine.Less >>

  • Q: Is it worth switching to natural skin care products if I am not allergic to regular cosmetics?

    Our Phenomépedia provides detailed information about the reasons for avoiding the chemical compounds that can be found in synthetic skin care products. Below we have listed the most important facts:

    Scientific research shows that the human skin is highly permeable to many carcinogenic substances that are present both in cosmetic products and in laundry detergents. The most harmful cosmetics include stay-on products such as hair dyes and hair sprays, nail polish, creams and lotions for the face and body. In recent years, research findings have been increasingly alarming (to learn more about the research findings, see our website).More >>

    Used on a daily basis, the harmful compounds used in synthetic skin care products accumulate in human tissues and the body’s organs. Even if we assume that a small amount of a specific ingredient that is present in a single product does not exceed the permissible limit, we are still increasing the risk of far exceeding the permissible concentrations of harmful substances due to the everyday consumption of unhealthy foods and the penetration into the skin of harmful chemicals that come from the many different skin care products we use every day.

    Scientific research shows that even negligible amounts of certain substances can be highly toxic.

    There is some evidence to suggest that certain chemicals can contribute to the widespread infertility epidemic. If you want to try to avoid the need to seek help in a fertility clinic in the future, you should avoid using the chemicals that most commonly occur in personal hygiene products (to learn more about the most harmful substances, visit our knowledge base and the section devoted to harmful synthetic ingredients).

    If you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding, your baby is particularly at risk because young and growing organisms are generally more susceptible to toxic chemicals. Surprisingly, many dedicated baby care products contain harmful chemical substances (we strongly object to the fact that the majority of baby care products are recommended by so-called “independent” mother and child healthcare institutions, which certify such products for a fee, declaring them to be safe and recommended for babies!).

    Mother Nature knows what is best for our skin, and our health. Your search for safe organic skin care products will help you and your family achieve better health, as well as benefit the natural environment.Less >>

  • Q: What should I bear in mind when deciding to switch to organic skin care products?

    Make sure the cosmetic product you are buying really is natural. Many cosmetic companies declare that their products are ecological, but once you go through the list of ingredients you will soon realize that the products are a reservoir of synthetic compounds that should never be used in natural cosmetics. Our website provides a lot of useful information about how you should read labels in order to identify whether a cosmetic product can be called natural.More >>

    Remember to check the expiration date. Natural products contain mild preservatives which are safe for the skin. Consequently, they usually have shorter expiration dates than conventional cosmetics. Once opened, Phenomé skin care products should be used within six months.

    Natural cosmetic products should not be exposed to direct sunlight, nor to extremely high or low temperatures for prolonged periods of time. However, they do not have to be refrigerated. They can be stored at room temperature, e.g. in the bathroom.

    Remember to observe the basic rules of hygiene when applying your cosmetics. Apply the products with clean hands on previously cleansed skin. Always use a clean spatula to scoop the product out of the jar. You receive ecological spatulas at each Phenomé store whenever you buy any products packaged in jars. Do not forget to wash your spatula in running water after each use.

    Organic Phenomé products are very economical to use: they are highly concentrated and really potent. You need only apply a very small amount at a time. Proper skin care includes the systematic use of a product and choosing products that best meet the needs of your skin, and not applying huge amounts of cream at a time.

    Once you have used up your cosmetic products, return the empty containers to your Phenomé store. We will make sure they are properly sorted and delivered to the recyclers. And you will be rewarded with Phenomé points credited to your individual account. Our glass jars and aluminum tubes come in a cardboard box that can be thrown into the waste paper bin at your home and segregated just like any other packaging made of paper or cardboard.

    Test organic products before you decide to buy them. Many products contain active ingredients which can react with the skin, causing a slight allergic response. Sometimes, before the skin becomes accustomed to the natural ingredients contained, e.g., in creams, it can show symptoms similar to a typical allergic reaction (including localized redness, a burning, tingling or itching sensation). These are the so-called skin detoxification symptoms that accompany the process of the skin’s self-purification consisting in the spontaneous release of accumulated toxins. Such reactions tend to be short-lived: they usually only last for two or three days but can last up to one month. After this time, the skin becomes fully accustomed to the natural active components.Less >>

  • Q: Can natural skin care products cause more severe allergic reactions than conventional cosmetic products?

    The truth is that many natural substances (such as pollens, bee products, fruit acids, etc.) can cause an allergic response in people with sensitive skin. However…More >>

    Statistics show that the number of people suffering from allergies has been growing rapidly over the last few years. In Europe, there are as many as 30 million people diagnosed with asthma, and scientists anticipate that half the global population will be affected with this ailment by 2015. And why? Have we all become so much more sensitive to pollens, honey and hay than our forebears?

    An allergy is a reaction of the immune system that becomes hypersensitive to substances it should normally identify as harmless. As such, an allergy can be referred to as an immunological disorder. Scientists worldwide associate the growing number of cases of allergies with the mass use of household chemicals and synthetic skin care products, as well as the consumption of foods grown with chemical fertilizers. Household chemicals and regular cosmetic products contain inorganic compounds which are not recognized as being natural by living organisms. Used on a daily basis, synthetic skin care products affect the immune system causing it to become oversensitive, which consequently leads to health problems in both the people that use them and their children. By contrast, natural ingredients have the amazing ability to restore balance to the body and fight many diseases, which means they can be helpful in counteracting hypersensitivity. Natural substances not only alleviate the symptoms of allergic reactions, but can also help eliminate the underlying causes.Less >>

  • Q: How are Phenomé skin care products tested?

    The process of developing a product and verifying the final formula involves consultations with a consumer panel. The panel consists of people representing different age groups and different skin types, including sensitive skin prone to allergies. The panel gives subjective opinions about individual products. Panelists who take part in the tests evaluate the effectiveness as well as cosmetic properties of the products. Opinions provided by the consumer panel have a major impact on the final form of Phenomé products.More >>

    Irrespective of consumer research, when a product is being formulated, technologists employed in our R&D laboratories work on perfecting the formula by measuring the various chemical and physical parameters of the cosmetic preparations. The qualities they test include the product’s stability and they determine the expiration date and optimum storage conditions. Both the raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetic products and the final product itself are tested by highly-qualified staff in microbiology laboratories to ensure they meet the most stringent safety and quality requirements. The product is then sent to independent dermatologists for further testing. The so-called ‘test subjects’ i.e. persons representing  different age groups and different skin types, are asked to use the test products under the supervision of an expert dermatologist. The products are tested to make sure they cause no allergic reactions or skin irritations. Dermatological tests have shown that Phenomé products are safe for the skin and cause no allergic reactions or irritations. Each Phenomé product comes with a certificate confirming that it meets its established quality specifications and is safe to use.Less >>