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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy – this document which contains information indicating to the User of the Website the scope and manner of collecting data in relation to the functioning of the Website, the manner of storing, protecting and using data, as well as the possibility and scope of using the data, information and materials contained on the Website by the User.

Website Owner – the company Natural Element sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Biały Kamień 2/10, 02-593 Warszawa, registered in the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000578938, NIP (Tax Identification Number) 522-303-99-87.

Administrator – the Website Owner

Website – the internet website owned by the Administrator under the domain name www.phenome.eu and phenome.pl, together with all the services provided by the Website on the www.phenome.eu and phenome.pl domain and subdomains

User – any person using the Website



The administrator shall respect all data provided by Website Users both actively and passively and shall ensure adequate protection of all the data collected.

All rights to the Website owned by Natural Element sp. z o.o. and its entire contents are reserved. The user has the right to download or print entire pages or fragments of the Website, provided no copyrights or rights under registered trademarks owned by the Website Owner are infringed upon.

The Administrator shall update the information contained on the Website on an ongoing basis, but accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, validity and completeness of the information presented therein. The Administrator also reserves the right to introduce changes to the Website in whole or in part without prior notice. The risk connected with using the information contained on the Website shall be borne solely by the User. The Administrator accepts no liability on account of any damage caused as a result of using the Phenomé sp. z o.o. Website.



In particular it is forbidden to copy, modify or transmit any part of the Website in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Administrator, except as expressly permitted in the applicable laws.

All names of goods, trade names or other individualizing designations presented on the Website and constituting protected trademarks or deemed as such by the Administrator are subject to legal protection pursuant to the Industrial Property Law of 30 June 2000 (consolidated text, Dz. U. of 2003 no. 119, item 1117 as amended) and the Act on the Suppression of Unfair Competition of 16 April 1993 (consolidated text, Dz. U. of 2003 no. 153, item 1503, as amended).


Privacy Protection

In order to protect and respect the privacy of Website Users, all personal data placed on the Website or processed in connection with running the Website, including the data of Website Users, is protected pursuant to the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text, Dz. U. of 2002 no. 101, item 926 as amended).


Data Collection

In principle the Administrator does not collect the data of Website Users in connection with running the Website, save in the situations described in the following items of this document, where a User provides personal data voluntarily and on his/her own.

All data gathered on the Website is collected with the permission of the relevant Website User, in particular by using the form provided on the Website to enable the User to subscribe to the mailing list, described below in this Privacy Policy, and also as a result of the User voluntarily submitting data in the process of addressing a question to an expert, which is a functionality that the Website offers the User.

During each visit to the Website by an internet User, the data pertaining to such visit is collected automatically (passively), including the IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc.


Data Processed

In connection with running the Website, the Administrator collects and processes the following personal data of Website Users:

- e-mail addresses sent to the Administrator by Website Users; the Administrator places such addresses on the mailing list and processes the said data in order to send out information about the services and products offered by Phenomé sp. z o.o., and about the company itself;

- information concerning the use of websites by users and their IP addresses on the basis of an access log analysis; the said data is processed by the Administrator for technical as well as statistical purposes, when carrying out a demographic analysis of Website Users for marketing purposes.

All the aforementioned personal data sent to the Website Owner are deemed by the Administrator to be submitted voluntarily in accordance with Article 23 (1) (1) of the Act on Personal Data Protection, and the Administrator accepts no liability in the event that a Website User submits false or incomplete data.

Personal data contained in the subscription forms, and email addresses provided in order to receive the Website Owner’s newsletter, may be processed subject to separate consent.


Data Protection

The Administrator shall protect the data submitted, in particular against access by unauthorized persons. The Administrator shall ensure that the rights of all Users under the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. 133, item 883) are executed, in particular the right to access one’s own data, the right to demand that the data be updated or removed, and the right to lodge an objection in the cases provided for in the said Act. The Administrator shall ensure such administrative, technical and physical protection measures so as to prevent access to the data by unauthorized persons and protect the data against unauthorized takeover, destruction or modification.


Scope of Data Access and Use

The Website Owner shall not sell, transfer or lend the processed personal data, unless:

- the data owner grants his/her consent;
- it is required under the applicable legal provisions;
- it is required for statutory tasks performed for the benefit of the public;
- it is required for the purpose of executing the legally justified objectives of the Website Owner, and such processing does not infringe on the rights and freedom of the persons concerned.

The Website Owner reserves the right to entrust the data of Website Users, in the form of aggregated lists, to co-operating agencies or websites. Such information may be used in order to:

- monitor Website traffic;
- monitor Website ratings.



The Website may use cookies, or small text files sent to the Website User’s computer, to identify the User in the manner required to simplify or annul a given operation. For example, cookies may be used by the Website to identify returning users visiting the Website. “Cookies” contain no personal data. For the cookies to work, they must be accepted by the browser and must not be removed from the hard drive. Deleting cookies may result in difficulties when using the Website.


User Data Amendment

The Administrator allows any Website User to change the data submitted at any time, except for data collected automatically, which cannot be changed or removed. In order to change or update the data submitted by a User, the User should contact the Administrator in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.



The Website may contain links to other subsites, and the inclusion of a link does not mean the Administrator has any control over the content or functioning of the linked website. On the contrary – such websites function independently of the Administrator and the Administrator has no control over such websites, which are governed by their own rules of functioning and data protection. Users should be aware of the separate nature of such websites and each time verify for themselves the policies employed by the website visited via a link.


Privacy Policy Amendment

The Administrator may amend this Privacy Policy at any time, in particular in order to update it in the event of changes to the Administrator’s practices regarding protecting and using the data collected. Each time a new Privacy Policy is published, it shall become binding in place of the previous policy and apply to all the data collected in connection with the User’s activity on the Website.



Should you have any questions or doubts concerning the Privacy Policy or concerning the use of the Website, please send them to the Administrator’s registered address.

Should you as a Website User have any questions concerning the use of the Website, please contact us at: office@phenome.eu