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Essential tips for the right skin care:

No. 1 Learn your skin type

Every step you take in caring for your skin will have a beneficial effect if you select the right products. Skin types are more than just dry, combination or oily. Many people today have an oily skin which is at the same time delicate and sensitive. Dry skin is often accompanied by broken capillaries. And this needs special care. Some people who had great skin as teenagers suddenly experience acne at the age of 35. There are many possible combinations. If you have problems or doubts, as always, we recommend consulting a dermatologist or an experienced cosmetologist. We also encourage you to speak with us - we'll be happy to help :)

No. 2 Perfect make-up removal

Recently there has been a flood of articles on how Korean and Japanese women take care of their skin. For them, the most essential skin habits are make-up removal and facial cleansing. After all, there's more to it than just wiping off powder and lipstick. That's certainly not enough! The skin has to be really clean and ready to absorb creams or serums with active ingredients. It's important to cleanse your face with at least two products, for example, with micellar water and a toner, or with a cleansing milk and foam using water. Don't be afraid that you'll harm your skin. It loves to breathe and absorb whatever does it good.

No. 3 Exfoliation is a must

To make your skin smooth, bright and even-toned, give it an appropriate exfoliating treatment. For the best results, do this twice a week. The optimal time of the day for this is the evening, after you remove your make-up. Exfoliators - like no other products - remove skin impurities and dead skin cells and unclog pores, allowing the skin to better absorb active ingredients. Exfoliation has to be effective, but at the same time gentle and non-invasive. If you have a sensitive or acne-prone skin, an enzyme exfoliator will be a much better choice for you. In all other cases you can safely use exfoliators with scrubbing particles.

No. 4 Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize...

The dermis consists of 70% water and the epidermis - 15%. This is why it's so important to maintain the balance of your skin and keep it moisturized also from the outside too. Intensive epidermis moisturizing products rebuild its lipid layer, smoothing and regenerating it, and eliminating roughness and tightness. The skin immediately feels more comfortable, and becomes supple and soft. Remember that a properly moisturized skin carries make-up better, is less sensitive to sunlight and ages more slowly! Also, remember to drink lots of water (preferably lukewarm) with lemon, which has an alkalizing effect on the body :)

* The skin will absorb all creams or serums better if you apply them not by rubbing, but by patting them in. This enhances the blood circulation, which results in a better distribution of active ingredients deep into the skin.

No. 5 Take good care of your body as well

Many women devote great deal of attention to their face and hair while completely forgetting about the needs of their body. And the body needs exactly the same thing - the right care. Exfoliation and moisturizing are especially important. For the body, you can use products with slightly bigger granules or with a stronger scent as the body is less sensitive than the face. If you're expecting a baby or are a new mum, apply a stretch mark oil and use products to deeply nourish your skin. Your body will be grateful for sure :)

No. 6 Choose what's natural, effective and healthy

The best effects on your skin and the most pleasurable moments can be achieved with Phenomé :)