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Safety of our products

 Clean manufacturing process

Before manufacture all our natural ingredients are carefully examined by our microbiology laboratory. These examinations are particularly important in the case of natural raw materials that have not been obtained through a chemical process conducted under controlled conditions.
 Thanks to the microbiological purity of our raw materials and the very strict standards observed throughout the manufacturing process, Phenomé cosmetics can be formulated with only minimal amounts of mild and safe preservatives.


2. Preliminary tests

Before Phenomé products are finally accepted by our research team and approved for manufacturing, they must undergo a number of preliminary tests. One of them is the bioburden test that is performed on all our cosmetic products without exception. The bioburden testing procedure involves sampling the products and subjecting the test samples to multiple contamination to assess whether the delicate preservative system is able to maintain the microbiological purity of the product. Whether a product will make it to the store shelves depends on the results of these tests, which usually take several weeks.


3. Dermatological testing 

Furthermore, each Phenomé product is also evaluated by independent dermatologists. Testing by skin specialists is essential because without it, we would never be sure if our products are safe for the skin. Dermatologists first assess the documentation pertaining to the product. Skin tests are then conducted with the participation of volunteers who use our creams and lotions for a specific period of time, while dermatologists evaluate their safety and the effects achieved.


4. Application research

Other tests performed on Phenomé products include application research and self-assessment tests conducted with the participation of human volunteers. These tests usually take several weeks. Throughout the test period, volunteers use our products and answer numerous questions concerning the efficacy of the product. These tests help us improve our products to make sure they meet consumer expectations.


5. Supplier research and testing

However, the most important tests and examinations which make us certain that Phenomé products will be both effective and safe for the skin, take place in the laboratories of our suppliers who provide us with the natural raw materials used in the production of Phenomé cosmetics. 
Our supplies come from the most serious and most experienced companies in the industry that own extensive research facilities and specialized laboratories. Our suppliers conduct long-term research and clinical trials to verify the safety and effectiveness of the raw materials they offer in a scientific and unbiased way. It is thanks to these suppliers that Phenomé technologists are able to benefit from an extensive body of scientific research into the active ingredients, as well as from the latest advances in natural cosmetic formulations developed in their laboratories.