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We are a small family company, but we strive to create the most effective natural cosmetics in the world. We have found a way to ensure that healthy, organic skincare products deliver spectacular and immediate effects. Instead of ordinary water, our products contain 100% plant waters (hydrolates). Thanks to their miraculous, moisturizing and soothing properties, the rich blend of organic active ingredients in each Phenomé cream penetrates deeper and works more effectively. You will feel it at first use and the effects on your skin will be visible almost at once.

"I'm a seeker and continuously look for the best solutions, products, places, and people. I like good quality and small luxuries; I think many women think alike. That's why I'm adamant that if they try out our creams, they will immediately feel the difference and understand what I mean. Thanks to plant waters and the wealth of 100% natural ingredients sourced from around the world, our cosmetics are extremely effective. It is also important to me that the cream is perfectly absorbed, looks nice, and smells appetizing. A beautiful scent is one of the factors of luxury. It all can be found in Phenomé cosmetics. Although they come at a price, I believe they are totally worth it."

We choose only what is healthy, fragrant and beautiful.